About NRI Services

Do you own investment properties that are taking up all your free time? Are you moving to another country for work, but aren’t ready to sell your home quite yet? Perhaps you’re interested in investing in real estate, and need someone with local expertise to provide day-to-day management of your portfolio. We can help! 

At FlexiRental, we provide a comprehensive suite of services spanning the entire life-cycle of your investment. From acquisition analysis to leasing, rent collection to maintenance, turnover and rehab, and disposition recommendations, FlexiRental handles every aspect of managing your property so that your income is maximized with a minimum of expense. And with our electronic payment options, and comprehensive, customizable reporting, neighborhood watch you’ll always know exactly what’s going on with your investment. We provide Managed Rental Solutions to top Multinational Companies in India. They deal with a single window and their employees use our rental services. As the house owner, you get the following benefits:


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A Partial List of FlexiRental Benefits for Owners

  • Dealing with a professional company
  • Long term rental commitment
  • Flexible rental options available; sign contract with Flexi Rental or the end tenant, who would be an employee of a MNC (list shared).
  • Outsource the maintenance of the house
  • Quarterly inspection of the house
  • Photo documentation of move-in and move-out inspections
  • Proprietary tenant screening and underwriting with historical 99.9% success rate
  • Online maintenance request forms via online tenant portal
  • Your house to be vacated in the same condition as it was rented out
  • Routine and critical maintenance care, secured at the most competitive rates

Contact our Sales executive of landlord services, Gurugram, today to ask about our new client discount program! He can be reached via email at info@flexirental.com and by phone at +91-124-4200501.