Beautify Your House With Indoor Plants


Indoor plants not only add to the attraction and decoration of the house but also provide colour, energy and charm to it. Most plants require ample sunshine. But some plants can thrive in full or partial shade. These are called indoor plants because we can keep these in the living room or anywhere inside the house.


We can add to the charm of the house by keeping indoor plants inside rooms, lobby, balcony or living room because of their beautiful shapes of leaves, greenery and colour. Besides it these can be placed in the bathrooms and the kitchen also.Not only do these add to the decoration and beauty of the house but also they are environment-friendly. But we have to ensure that outside fresh air and light should reach these plants.Also. we should not change their place so soon.Occasionally, preferably within a week, we should try to keep these plants outside for a day at least. Near bathroom window we can keep such plants as ferns etc. who thrive best in humid atmosphere. Near the kitchen window we can keep mint, coriander, sweet basil etc. sown in attractive and small pots. Plants placed on stairs or on the main entrance also look very nice.


A large variety of indoor plants are available in the nurseries. But most popular are Moneyplants, Chlorophytem, Oxicodium,plants of palm family like China Palm and Livstonia. Fern family plants such as Sirgonium, Draecona and Rubber Plants also are some plants that can be kept indoor.These days, plants like Lucky Bamboo and China Grass are also very popular indoor plants.Indoor hanging baskets can also enhance the beauty of the house. But displaying houseplants indoor baskets need care and planning. They attractively fill vertical space but can be difficult to water and look after. These must be fitted with drip trays so that the excess water does not fall on the floor. Both flowering and foliage trailing plants can be used. Indoor plants require less water as compared to the outdoor plants. So over watering must be avoided.

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