My FlexiRental Portal

FlexiRental analytics and dashboards provide real-time valuation of every property in your portfolio, helping you stay on top of your investments. You can track incoming payments, net operating income, expenses, and cash flow for your properties, both individually and from an aggregate perspective. Splice and dice vital statistics, which can include individual properties or an entire portfolio, to get a clear picture of your investment value today and make adjustments and achieve peak performance in the future.

Single point of contact

We provide a single point of contact to our clients, and maintain an open, active communication with landlords and tenants. We respond to all tenant’s questions regarding the apartment.We ensure a proactive management of our portfolio. Should a problem arise, we are committed to solving it as quickly as possible. We assume that the quicker the resolution is, the better especially when we deal with an issue that can damage the property. This hands-on” “proactive” management style is the best response to avoid or limit damages incurred


FlexiRental Maintenance gives you the complete bird’s eye view of all your maintenance projects so you can handle it all from initial service request to completion. Our property management software ensures you can optimize revenue, improve owner satisfaction, and make tenants happier because you can streamline all your processes and keep everyone informed every step of the way.We work with carefully-selected professionals, when it comes to solving a problem which requires a professional’s intervention (plumber, locksmith, …). We select those professionals for their reactivity and fair prices. We also provide a disciplined follow-up until the problem is solved.

24/7 Helpline

The FlexiRental team is eager to assist your with any questions you have. Our dedicated team will help you set up your account, troubleshoot any problems, and ensure you are taking full advantage of all available features.Simply call (+91) 0124-4200501 or request a call back by emailing

House inspection Report

Our inspector will visit the property initially and re-inspect thereafter at every quarterly or change of lease. We arrange the access to the property with your tenant/s. The inspector will inspect and report on the condition of the rental property according to the annual service requested.A detailed report will be sent to both you and your tenant/s.

Easy Transaction Management

Owners need a reliable way to ensure accurate and up-to-date accounting for all of their properties. The reporting system gives you a real-time dashboard of important transactions such as rents and expenses, along with a breakdown of debt reduction, cash flow and other vital metrics. FlexiRental also provides customizable income and expense reporting. Select and sort by property and date range to generate a quick summary or a detailed report that includes a list of all transactions

Collect Rent Online

With a simple online payment system, rent payments can be transferred automatically on your bank account.FlexiRental proactively alerts you when rents are due, which ones are late and when lease expirations are approaching.