Answers to your common questions

    Below is a quick overview of questions frequently asked by our tenants and their corresponding answers. If you have further questions or concerns, or if you would like a more detailed explanation for one of the questions below, please feel free to contact our office.

  • Are pets allowed in your rental homes?
    Some owners allow pets, but some do not. Each rental listing clearly states if pets are allowed and any conditions you will need to consider. Each apartment’s requirements can also differ, and we will always abide by those requirements. This may mean that you will need to provide pedigree and vaccination documents. Animals bred for attack purposes or any pets with known behavioral problems are not allowed.

  • Can I sublease my apartment?
    No. FlexiRental does not permit subleasing.

  • How many months’ notice do you require and how do I give my notice to vacate?
    You are required to give notice 60 days prior to the end date of your lease that you will vacate. It must be a written notice and received by our office. The 60-day period will begin from the day of receipt of the notice.

  • How do I schedule a showing for a property I’m interested in?
    You may call the phone number in the property listing, or contact our call center at (0124)-4200-501 to begin the showing process. Our team is very dedicated and committed to finding you the perfect home.

  • I am a smoker. Can I smoke in my rental home or anywhere on the property?
    Ideally, it is not advisable to smoke in the open areas however, we will leave to your best discretion. Smoking in public areas is a criminal offense.

  • I just signed my pre-lease, but my plans have changed and I don’t want to move in. Can I get my security deposit back?
    No. Unfortunately, security deposits paid at the time of signing of pre-lease are non-refundable if you decide not to move forward with the lease. However, the management might consider a genuine request.

  • If I move in and need to break my lease for any reason, what is the process I would need to follow?
    We understand emergency situations happen, and we are happy to help you end your lease if needed in the most amicable way. The commercials for an Early Exit are detailed out in the agreement.

  • If I would like to paint a room in a home I rent from you, do you permit painting?
    FlexiRental does not permit tenants to do painting by themselves. However, you may contact your Property Manager who can request approval from the property owner and get you a bid for our professional painters to paint an approved color. Real-Time Leasing will only approve light, neutral colors.

  • How do I schedule a showing for a property I’m interested in?
    You may call the phone number in the property listing, or contact our call center at (0124)-4200-501 to begin the showing process. Our team is very dedicated and committed to finding you the perfect home.

  • May I run an in-home day care center or other business out of the property I rent?
    No. We do not permit day cares or any other business to be run out of our rental properties.

  • What are the procedures for moving out?
    The procedure for moving out is very professional and detailed out in the agreement. If you have additional questions, please contact our office.

  • What forms of payment does FlexiRental accept?
    FlexiRental accepts payment in any for the following forms – cashier’s checks or direct transfer to the account credit/debit card transactions. Alternatively, FlexiRental also accepts automatic withdrawal payments. With this method, your rent will be deducted directly from your bank account on a mutually agreed upon date of each month.

  • When is rent due? Is there a grace period?
    Rent is always due by the 1st, but we do offer a grace period until the 5th of each month. If rent is received later than 5th day of the month, late fee will be levied upon you.

  • Who do I sign the rental agreement with?
    Our legal entity name is FlexiRental Solutions Pvt Ltd. You sign the agreement with FlexiRental as the owner. We take apartments on lease from landlords and sublet it to you. For all practical purposes, we are the virtual owner for your flat.

  • How long can I stay in the flat?
    We sign a rental lease agreement for 11 months with you. After 11 months, we can renew the agreement with the appropriate rental increments. You can stay in the apartment for as long as the property is managed by FlexiRental.

  • What will be the deduction at the time of termination?
    We expect tenants to handover the apartment in the condition in which they received it. In case of any damage caused during the stay, cost of fixing those damages would be borne by the tenant.

  • Can I see a sample copy of your agreement and terms sheet?
    Yes, please get in touch with us using the contact us form.

  • Who will be responsible for any repair work of the flat? Will I be charged additionally for this?
    Whenever needed, we get all the repairs done at your apartment. The expense incurred in the repair is borne by the tenant for regular repairs like plumbing, electricity etc. However, there are certain repairs and maintenance that fall under our preview as well.
    FlexiRental bears the cost of any major work like seepage or electrical fault which is not caused due to improper usage by the tenant.

  • What are the contact details in case I have any query related to maintenance or accounts?
    You can send us mail at or can call us at 0124-4200501.